Fine tune your real estate agency
business for maximum return
Online modelling tools to test profit and efficiency outcomes
for changes to expense structure
Design an infinite range of win-win incentive structures
“Having worked with the program for over three years, I consider it a ‘must have’ resource
for anyone tasked with improving agency profitability.”
TED PITEO |National Performance Manager – First National (Sept 2022)
Plan With Clarity & Confidence

A collaboration between accounting professionals and successful agency owners, agentprofitplanner provides users with answers to important questions regarding profitability and productivity to enable planning and forecasting for growth with clarity and confidence.

Calculate Profit Capacity

Start the ball rolling by understanding exactly how much revenue the sales or property management business must generate to cover costs, including compensation for agency owner’s input.

Test For Better Profit Outcomes

Use a ‘what if’ approach to test profit outcomes by adjusting team size and incentive structures, fee structures and operational expenses or by looking at the effect of improvement to productivity measures including conversation rates.

An Infinite Range Of
Incentive Structures

Having your sales and property management BDM’s on the right remuneration structure is critical. Test an infinite range of alternatives to arrive at a win-win arrangement that encourages results and fosters stability.

Manage Results & Performance

Once you arrive at a desired scenario for the year ahead, agentprofitplanner generates a comprehensive set of revenue and activity targets for each team member for use in planning and monitoring progress during the year ahead.

Print Reports

Financial and activity targets for the business and each team member, a budgeted profit and loss projection for the period ahead and value growth projection for the property management business.

View the Key Report
Incentive Design Tool

Having your sales and property management team members on the right remuneration structure is critical. Test an infinite range of alternatives to arrive at a win-win arrangement that encourages results and fosters stability.

Property Management
Business Profit Tool

Test profit and portfolio value outcomes by experimenting with an infinite range of personnel and fee structures, while accounting for other key factors such as the average weekly rent, vacancy rate and tenancy term.

Sales Business
Profit Tool

Calculate ‘true’ Break-Even Point and analyse current Profit Capacity. Test profit outcomes for changes in expenses (team size & incentive structures) and fee structure. Generate the critical performance indicators for the one-year forecast period.

Message From The
Founder/Managing Director

In an earlier part of my working life, as owner operator of three agency locations simultaneously, I experienced the common feeling of uncertainty and ‘flying by intuition’ – while my accountant provided great information about what had happened over the previous period, they didn’t have the tools on hand to help me make decisions about changes I could make for a better future outcome.

During my 14 years as national franchise manager for a leading national real estate network, I observed that many agency owners were faced with the same challenge – they wanted to know what changes could be made to improve their profit position and quality of their business life.

The outcome was the creation of the ‘agentprofitplanner’ software program - a collaboration with trusted advisors including accounting and financial professionals, and successful real estate agency owners - to achieve a forecasting solution that not only is uniquely designed for real estate agency business but tailored to the specific circumstances of each individual agency in sales and/or property management.

While accounting and ‘dashboard’ software programs generate valuable information on past performance – ‘agentprofitplanner’ is forward looking, enabling users to understand what changes must be made over the forecast period to achieve better profit outcomes.

As they say, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” – I encourage you to invest the time in getting a better understanding of the profit drivers of your business by subscribing to our program – I’m sure that you will be empowered and motivated by your investment.