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agentprofitplanner is a unique budgeting and forecasting solution designed specifically for use by real estate agency principals and managers. Created by an experienced property professional, the system provides users with answers to important questions regarding profitability and productivity within the SALES & PROPERTY MANAGEMENT DIVISIONS of the business. CLICK ON THE ICONS BELOW OR VIEW THE VIDEO ON THIS PAGE TO FIND OUT MORE.

Agent Profit Planner

agentprofitplanner uses a complex (hidden) set of algorithms that account for the complexities of calculating outgoings on an infinite range of sales incentive structures to provide the agency manager with a clean and simple series of outputs that allow the development and execution of a plan for profit growth with clarity and confidence.

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Agent Profit Planner

A comprehensive guide to the use of the Sales Solution program. We recommend you review of the document Profit & Loss Statement Structure: Real Estate Agency.

View the Sales Solution Users Guide

A comprehensive guide to the use of the Property Management Solution program.

View the Property Management Solution users guide.

A correctly structured the Profit & Loss Statement enables managers to effectively monitor the critical area of Costs of Sales and margin of Gross Profit.

View Profit & Loss Statement Structure & Break-Even Point: Real Estate Agency.


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This section provides general information and resources relating to agency profitability and sales recruitment. Subscribers to the program have access to additional information including a template for the design of an infinite number of salesperson and property manager remuneration structures to assist in recruitment of new staff and the management of existing staff.

What are the key attributes of a successful real estate agency business? The Agency Success Foundations booklet is an easy to read discussion about the critical elements of success.

Agency Success

An overview of the key financial aspects of the agency business – concepts that are essential to understand and consider in short and long term business planning.

Profit Points

Recruitment Essentials is a comprehensive guide to recruiting real estate sales and property management staff. The publication covers preparation, needs analysis and team composition, search and selection processes.

Real Estate Recruitment Essentials

Wayne Johnson is the owner, founder and principal profit planner at agentprofitplanner. He has worked in the real estate profession for over thirty years.

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